Ansell Gammex Smart Pack Latex Surgical Gloves (Box of 50)

Size: Ansell Gammex Smart Pack Latex Size 5.5
Sale price $69.00


Dispenser box may be opened either vertically or horizontally, giving you the option to stack opened boxes to fit your shelf's configuration.

All key information, such as product type, glove size, and expiry date are clearly visible, irrespective of whether the box is placed horizontally or vertically.

A special insertion slot allows for easy return of unopened sterile gloves. Improved perforation of tabs oers eortless opening

Smaller handling surface means less risk of contamination. Research indicates that increased contamination are associated more with larger pouches than smaller pouches.

 Glove name, latex content, size and lot number are displayed for easier product identification at pouch level. 

Space to store surgical gloves is at a premium in the operating room. Compa our SMART Pack dispenser boxes are smaller and lighter.

You save up to 54% on replenishing time as our smaller, lightweight dispenser boxes now have 20 which means you fit more boxes within the same shelf space. *Base area is no box of 29.7 x 16.4 cm 


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