Assure Crepe Bandage Elastic Seal, 80g/m2 (12rolls/polybag)

Size: Assure Crepe Bandage Elastic Seal-2inch x 5 yds-80g/m2
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Assure Crepe Bandage Elastic Seal, 80g/m2 (12rolls/polybag)

A crepe bandage is a lightweight bandage that is generally used for applying support or appropriate firm pressure to a soft tissue injury after appropriate wound dressing in a variety of medical health situations.

Used to treat sprains and strains help correct fractures and other bone problems support surgical gauze bandage dressings lightweight bandage

Available in :

  • 7M-013 – 5cm x 4.5m, 12roll/box, box
  • 7M-014 – 7.5cm x 4.5m, 12roll/box, box
  • 7M-015 – 10cm x 4.5m, 12roll/box, box
  • 7M-016 – 15cm x 4.5m, 12roll/box, box

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