Assure Gauze Swab Non sterile 10cmx10cm Mesh 19x15, 100pcs/pkt

Size: Assure Gauze Swab N/S 10cmx10cmx12-ply Mesh 19x15, 100pcs/pkt
Sale price $6.00


Gauze helps to stop or prevent bleeding from minor punctures such as injections or venipuncture, cleaning of wounds with appropriate cleaning agent and/or cushion wound before it is bandaged.

Available in :


  • 7M-050-8P – 10cm x 10cm x 8ply x 100’s/pkt, Mesh 19×15, pkt
  • 7M-050-12P – 10cm x 10cm x 12ply x 100’s/pkt, Mesh 19×15, pkt
  • 7M-050-16P – 10cm x 10cm x 16ply x 100’s/pkt, Mesh 19×15, pkt

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