Assure Latex Exam Gloves Powdered (100pcs/Box)

Size: Assure Latex Exam Gloves Powdered-Size XS
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Assure Latex Exam Gloves Powdered (100pcs/Box)

ASSURE Latex Lightly Powdered Gloves are manufactured in the highest required quality of AQL 1.5 Acceptable Quality Level (AQL), ambidextrous and perfect for examination purposes.

Made from 100% Natural Rubber Latex, these gloves are comfortable, relatively cost-effective, and offer a high degree of touch sensitivity.

Multi-purposeful with high levels of flexibility, protection, and comfort, ASSURE Latex Lightly Powdered gloves are suitable for most medical or non-medical environments. The Light Powdering also ensures dryness of hands to promote ease of wearing and removal after use.

Available in sizes XS, S, M and L.

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