Assure Latex Lite Powder-Free Gloves (100pcs/Box, 10boxes/case)

Size: Assure Latex Lite Powder-Free Gloves-Small
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Assure Latex Lite Powder-Free Gloves (100pcs/Box, 10boxes/carton)

ASSURE Latex Gloves are manufactured in the highest required quality of AQL 1.5 Acceptable Quality Level (AQL), ambidextrous, and perfect for examination purposes.

Made from 100% Natural Rubber Latex.


  • Gives you a better fit & grip as the material is soft yet durable to the touch.
  • Provides an alternative to latex-sensitive user.
  • High standard of quality
  • AQL 1.5, medical-grade
  • Suggested Usage :
    ~ Reduce risk of contamination with blood & other body fluids.
    ~ Reduce germs transmission to the environment.
    ~ For patient care activities, contact-precaution activities.
    ~ General protection use against virus & bacteria.

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