Assure Rehab Electric Low Bed with Elevation

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Assure Rehab Electric Low Bed with Elevation

Nursing beds are an essential furniture for the long term home care of bed-ridden patients or those with limited mobility.

Nursing beds with manual or electric platforms that allow for the easy positioning of patients for sitting or feeding will enable that the patients receive the maximum comfort without overly taxing the caregiver to have to lift and reposition the patient.

Elevation of upper body 0-85 degrees, Elevation of lower body 0-35 degrees.

This electric bed with adjustable height from 60cm to 30cm to facilitate ease in getting on and off.  

4 piece bedrail for extra protection.


  • Frame: 2 years
  • Actuator/transformer/hand control: 1 year
  • 4″ Castors Wheels: 1 year
  • Head/footboard: 1 year (Please do not wipe with moist wipes)
  • Side rail: 1 year

Available Colors:

  • Wooden Dark Brown (dark blue mattress protectively wrapped till in use)
  • ABS Plastic (dark blue mattress protectively wrapped till in use)

Available in:

  • AR0553-ABS / DBRN, Electric 3 Function Nursing Low Bed, 198x96x340-620, Wt Cap: 150Kg, Head: 0-85 degrees, Leg: 0-35 degrees, pc

Electric nursing bed (hospital bed) for homecare patients. 

Bed Dimension: 198cm x 96cm x 34cm~62cm (this is not including castor height and head/foot board thickness)
(dark blue mattress protectively wrapped till in use)

 Powder Coated Steel Frame Assembly. 

  • 4 x Aluminium Alloy Foldaway Handles. 
  • 4 x Swivel Castors with Brakes. 
  • Mattress: 191cm x 85cm x 8cm 
  • Adjustable bed height from 60cm to 30cm best suited for patients with fall risk.
  • Castor height: 10cm
  • Bed Weight Capacity: 150kg
  • Comes with ABS Plastic Head and Foot Boards.

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