Autoclavable Sterilization Reel, Flat 100cm x 200m

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Autoclavable Sterilization Reel, Flat 100cm x 200m

1) Material: medical dialysis paper(60g/m2 + composite film (52 microns CPP/PET film)
2) The pouch can be sealed by thermal sealing machines.
3) 200 meters per roll, using length is as your disposal by cut.
4) There are 3 aligned sealed lines, effectively avoiding crack.
5) See-through the sterilized medical device by transparent compound film, avoiding errors.
6) Printed with double sterilization indicators for ethylene oxide and steam vapor processes. To indentify the situation of indicator’s color change: if sterilization proceeded, it will turn black from initial blue based on steam sterilization method, and will turn brown from initial pink based on the ETO sterilization method.
7) Accommodation: hospital, outpatient service antiseptic packing, disinfection before using cosmetic, laboratory articles antiseptic packing, family high temperature disinfection packing.

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