Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser, 1000ml

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Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser, 1000ml

Non-touch operation to minimize cross-infection.

Battery operated This alcohol hand sanitizer soap dispenser is operated with batteries

Large capacity: This automatic hand sanitizer dispenser has a large capacity of 1000 ml, suitable for use of various disinfectant liquids, liquids and hand sanitizers.

for daily use and professional use, perfect for home, hotels, hospitals or other public places.

Automatic sensor-operated: the touchless hand disinfection machine is designed to nebulize hand sanitizer or alcohol, and provide an automatic dosage of spray, which enables quick and easy hand disinfection and eliminates cross-contamination, achieving optimal hand hygiene.

Dimension- 12.1*11*27cm, Material- Plastic

Convenient and Hygienic: Just put your hand under the sensor to start the soap dispenser, you can effectively avoid cross-infection without touching the soap dispenser.

Suitable for public places such as offices, hotels, hospitals, medical institutions, schools, etc.

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