B Braun Compound Sodium Lactate Intravenous Infusion BP (Hartmann’s Solution) 500ml

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1. What Compound Sodium Lactate is and what it is used for: 
Compound Sodium Lactate is a solution for supply of fluid and salts to thebody. It is supplied to you through a vein drip (an infusion). Its salt compositionis similar to that of human blood.

You will receive this solution if
• you need to receive fluids and salts. This applies when your acid-base balance is normal or your blood is a little bit too acidic (mild acidosis)
• you have lost water
• you have lost water and salts
• you have lost blood and need this replaced for a short time
• your doctor wants to give you salts or some drugs that need to be dissolved or diluted. 

The recommended dosages are:
Adults and adolescents Maximum daily dose: 
Normal fluid requirements are met with 40 ml per kg body weight per day.Your doctor may determine individual adaptation of the dose and infusion rate.
Maximum infusion rate: The infusion rate will be adjusted according to your clinical condition. The infusion rate should normally not exceed the following values:
5 ml per kg body weight per hour Children
The dose is adjusted according to the individual requirements of fluid and electrolytes. Thus the patient’s age, weight, clinical and biological (acid-base balance) conditions and concomitant therapy should be taken into account.

Elderly patients: 
Basically, the same dosage as for adults applies, but caution will be exercised if you are suffering from further diseases like heart weakness that may frequently be associated with advanced age.Patients with burns
During the first 24 hours you will receive 4 ml of solution per kg per percent burn.
During the first 24 hours your child will receive 4 ml of solution per kg per
percent burn. Thus the following volume is added as maintenance for children according to his/her weight
– for children weighing 0 – 10 kg the amount is 4 ml per kg body weight per hour;
– for children weighing 10 – 20 kg the amount is 40 ml per h + 2 ml per kg body weight per hour;
– for children weighing more than 20 kg, the amount is 60 ml per h + 1 ml per kg body weight per hour.

Use as vehicle solution:
If Compound Sodium Lactate is used as vehicle solution for compatible electrolyte concentrates and medicinal products, the instructions for use relating to the medicinal product to be added will be observed.

2. What you need to know before you use Compound Sodium Lactate
Do not use Compound Sodium Lactate if you have
• an impairment to metabolise lactate connected with high levels of lactate in your blood (see also section “Take special care with...”)
• too much water in your body (water intoxication)
• too high blood volume (circulatory overload)
• a weak heart that can not pump enough blood into your lungs or circulation (congestive heart failure)
• abnormally high blood pressure (hypertension)
• impaired kidney function
• severe liver damage
• an accumulation of fluid and sodium (oedema with sodium retention)
• too alkaline blood due to hyperventilation (respiratory alkalosis)
Your doctor will not give you this medicine to correct abnormally high levels of acids in the blood caused by your metabolism (severe metabolic acidosis)

Warnings and precautions
Your doctor will exercise particular caution if you have
• lost water while retaining the salts
• too high blood levels of potassium, sodium, calcium or chloride
• abnormally high levels of bases in the blood caused by your metabolism (severe metabolic alkalosis)
• failure of your lungs
• excess water in your body (peripheral oedema)
• a condition where you are retaining sodium, such as high blood pressure, toxaemia of pregnancy (see “Pregnancy and breastfeeding”), too high levels of aldosterone in your body, treatment with cortisone
• a condition where you are retaining potassium, e.g. acute deficiency of
water in your body, extensive tissue destruction as occurs with severe burns
• a disease associated with high levels of vitamin D in your blood such as
• kidney stones or a history of them
If you have constantly low blood sodium levels your doctor will take special
care to give you this solution slowly. This will prevent possible brain damages(osmotic demyelinisation syndrome).
Children: Your doctor will take special care of your child aged less than 3 months if he/she receives this solution.

Use as vehicle solution
Please note: If this solution is used as vehicle solution the safety information
of the additive provided by the respective manufacturer has to be taken into account.

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