B Braun Sodium Chloride Intravenous Infusion Saline, Soft Bottle (500ml), 10bottle/case

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B Braun Sodium Chloride Intravenous Infusion Saline, B. P. 0.9%, Soft Bottle 500ml, 10 Bottle/Carton


  • Moistening of tissue and cleansing of the operating area during surgical procedures 
  • Rinsing of wounds in the event of injuries and burns
  • Cleansing during stoma care 
  • Moistening of wound tamponades, cloths, bandages, and dressings 
  • Irrigation of the eyes 
  • Cleansing of operating instruments and accessories
  • Filling of humidifiers and vaporizers


  • The soft container material and the spray nozzle allow precise pressure irrigation
  • Immediately after opening the "twist-off" cap
  • No more troublesome, time consuming decanting of irrigation solutions and aspirating the solution into a syringe
  • Precise irrigation with the spray nozzle
  • Immediate pressure irrigation due to soft container material
  • Sterile surface for operating rooms


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