B Braun Standard IV Set-Intrafix Primeline, 100pcs/box

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Universal IV administration sets with an air vent for gravity infusions and pressure infusions with non-dedicated infusion pumps (pressure resistant up to 2 bar)

Basic Product Features

  • Ergonomically designed 3-part drip chamber
  • Universal, vented piercing spike. Spiking solution container with ease and preventing contamination
  • Bacteria-tight proven air vent, closable with a handy snap cap
  • Fully transparent upper part allows quick drop rate check
  • Push ring for comfortable and secure gripping. Ideal for attachment of Infusomat pump drip sensor
  • Extended, detached drip element provides even drop formation; 20 drops = 1ml ± 0.1 ml (aqua dist.)
  • Elastic pump chamber enables one-click fluid level setting
  • Offers a high fluid level as the guard against air entrainment
  • Large 15 µm filter, provides high flow rate and protects against larger particles
  • An advanced precise roller clamp
  • Good to control flow rate, comfortable to hold. Spike dock for secure spike discard. Housing colour "orange"
  • Screw tight Luer Lock fitting
  • To prevent accidental disconnection
  • The soft, clear PVC tubing
  • With standard lumen 3 x 4.1 mm, standard length 180 cm, DEHP free plasticizer with superior, well-documented safety properties

Options of standard add-on-devices, examples

  • Needle-based, air-free Eurofix injection site with handy safe grip plate
  • Safe, needle-free injection valve SafeFlow
  • Discofix stopcocks for needle-free injection, aspiration and parallel infusion
  • A PrimeStop cap for automatic priming
  • Infuvalve back check valve preventing backflow of solutions and blood
  • Neutrapur tubing material PVC free (pressure resistant, but not pump-compatible!) - free of halogen, e.g. chlorine, free of plasticizer
  • Various tubing lengths for better patient mobility and others

All design features in accordance with International Standard ISO 8534-4/8 
(Infusion sets for single use, gravity feed / Infusion equipment for Pressure Infusion)

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