Bactorub Blue Alcohol Hand Rub & Skin Antiseptic, 500ml

Size: 500ml, 20 bottles/Case
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Bactorub Blue Hand Sanitizer, 500ml - 20 bottles/carton

Use Of Application

- Use 3ml of Bactorub Blue (2 pushes of the dispenser). on clean DRY hands, rubbing for 30 secs for Hygienic Hand Disinfection.
- Rub 9ml for 1.5 -3 minutes on clean DRY hands, up to elbows for Surgical Hand Disinfection.
- Apply Bactorub Blue on operative and peri-operative skin region, to be treated, allow to dry (up to 30 secs) before incision.

Antimicorbial 1 Propanol 2 Propanol with Skin Emollients Hand Rub.

WHO has recommended 75% v/v Propanol, Bactorub Bluehas 5% more than the requirement of WHO. 

It is Bactericidal (MRSA), Fungicidal, tuberculocidal hand rub and an ideal product for skin disinfection.

Use 3ml for Hygienic Hand Disinfection and 9ml for Surgical Hand disinfection

Blue Liquid hand disinfectant

Effective against Bacteria,antibiotic resistant,bacteria

Safe to use

Composition - Each 100 gm contains:

- 2-propanol I. P.: 45 gms
- 1-propanol: 30 gms
- Ethyl- hexadecyl-dimethyl
- Ammonium-ethyl sulfate: 0.2 gms (Mecetronium Ethyl Sulphate) Emollients and Moisturizers- Paint skin thoroughly for optimum results.

Precaution -
- Keep away from children.
- Avoid direct contact with eyes.



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