CleanPatch-V Medical Surface Repair Patch, Small Size-1.75 x 4 inch strip, 10 patches/pack

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CleanPatch-V is a first-in-class medical surface repair patch for upholstery vinyl.

It restores damaged vinyl to an intact and hygienic state. 


  • Wheelchairs, examination tables, treatment tables, rehab equipment, geriatric chairs, patient furniture, and other vinyl surfaces

Product Registration

  • US: FDA registered Class 1 medical device
  • Canada: Health Canada registered Class 1 medical device
  • Europe: CE mark Class 1 medical device
  • Australia: TGA listed 

Product Sizes

CleanPatch is available in two different sizes:

1.7X4.0in (4.5x10cm) stripe and

5.75x8in (14.6x20.3cm) rectangle.


ITEM Product Description Cover Damage Size
21001 CleanPatch-V. Small; Size - 1.75 x 4 inch strip; 10 patches/pack  Damage up to 2 inches
22002 CleanPatch-V. Large; Size - 5.75 x 8 inch rectangle; 5 patches/pack  Damage up to 6 inches
23001 CleanPatch-V. Variety; 7 Small and 3 Large. 10 patches/pack  Damage up to 6 inches


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