Cosmo Med Non Woven Disposable Shoe Cover-Blue, 38g, 100/Pack

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Non Woven Disposable Shoe Cover-Blue, 38g, 100/Pack

Non-woven shoe cover is made from 100% non woven raw material, tear-resistant, not easy to break More breathable and anti-skid. It has high-quality elastic, durable double elastic band bundle, not only to ensure the degree of tightness, comfortable to wear, more durable.

Non-woven fabrics adopt a new technology, shoes cover covered with numerous concave and convex surface, wear on the foot, increase friction with the ground, anti-skid effect is better, more comfortable to use.

Apply to any place where there is a need for cleanliness, say good-bye to scattered slippers, footprints, and servant-like sweeping.

  • Easy To Use & Comfortable.
  • Shoe Covers Is Very Useful, People Can Avoid Taking Off Shoes.
  • Fit Most Shoes; One Size, Will Fit Most Adult Sizes.

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