CPE shoe cover skid-proof (100pcs/bag)

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CPE shoe cover skid-proof (100pcs/bag)

  • SLIP RESISTANT / WATERPROOF /DUSTPROOF: This disposable protector comes with an uneven and rough surface that can ensure your safety in various situations. Effective at protecting you and your environment by keeping it clean and safe; anti-skid, anti-slip covers will protect your carpet, floors, and cars from dirt, mud, germs, bacteria; made of dense, heavy-duty polypropylene fabric that resists tearing and ripping.
  • DURABLE MATERIAL: Made of thick 40 microns chlorinated polyethene (CPE) fabric, much thicker than normal plastic shoe cover, and environmental protection: non-toxic, latex-free, phthalate-free, PVC-free. No worry about tearing and ripping anymore.
  • Keep your floors, shoes, cars and carpets unsoiled from movers, realtors open house, inspectors, construction, painters, mechanics, electricians, exterminators, dog walking poop scoop, cable/utility guy, gardening, real estate, travel, daycare, factories, home/estate/museum tours, beaches, parties, and medical.
  •  Material: CPE, PE
  •  Size: 15 x 39 cm
  • Color: blue
  • 2g /square meter
  • Package : 100pcs/bag,

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