DenTek Slim Interdental Brushes, 32pcs/pack

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DenTek Slim Interdental Brushes, 32pcs/pack

The DenTek Slim Brush Interdental Cleaner is an easy way to floss and deep clean. This specialty tool is designed to lift away plaque and particles, even between tight teeth. The tool is also ideal for people with braces and dental appliances.

It features an ultra-thin, soft brush that easily works between the edges of your teeth to remove food particles and plaque, helping to combat against bad breath.

The handle of the interdental toothbrush has a flexible grip for comfort and precision control Using this teeth cleaning tool daily, in addition to regular brushing, can help to reduce tooth decay and tartar build-up.

The unique design cleans harder-to-reach places more effectively than regular dental floss, for a complete, healthy mouth clean. Each unit comes with 32 Dentek slim brush cleaners. The cleaners are disposable for added convenience. 

  • Disposable nature allows for more sanitary cleaning
  • Ultra-thin head cleans deep between tight spaces
  • Comfort wire is easy on teeth and gums
  • Flexible handle and wire easily clean trouble spots

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