Disposable AAMI Level 1 Isolation Gown-Blue 45g, 100pcs/case($1.42/case)

Sale price $142.00


Important Delivery Lead Time 6-7 Days

Closed back isolation gowns offer a range of benefits to both healthcare workers and patients. Often used in medical settings with a low risk of bodily fluid contamination, Level 1 closed back gowns promote employee safety in numerous ways:

  • Full body coverage: Our closed back gowns offer full coverage to keep the wearer safe from fluid splashes and sprays.
  • Comfortable fit: The PP+PE material, soft cuffs and breathable fabric design make these gowns easy for users to put on and remove for one-time use.
  • Enhanced protection: Level 1 gowns effectively reduce the risk of contamination so healthcare workers, patients and visitors can enjoy a cleaner environment.

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