Disposable Saliva Ejector (100pcs/bag)

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Disposable Saliva Ejector (100pcs/bag)

Dentoplast is commited to supply the highest quality Saliva Ejectors, responding to dentists’ requirements internationally.

Through the continuous cooperation between our product development engineers and dentists worldwide, we have achieved to manufacture an extremely unique product, in terms of high comfort for the patient, and the compulsory top performance.

Dentoplast’s superior quality is ensured through its utilization of cutting-edge technology, combined with the most specialized raw materials in the production.

Our production area is designed around highly controlled parameters, and is equiped with the most advanced and sophisticated process control systems; this would guaranty the ultimate quality of Dentoplast Saliva Ejectors for many perspectives: 

-High comfort of the patient
-Constant tube diameters
-Easy-flow of saliva during suction
-Tight fit of the tip around the tube.

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