Elite Mouth Mirror Front Surface # 5 (12 pcs/box)

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Elite Mouth Mirror Front Surface # 5 (12 pcs/box)

Single-sided Cone Socket mirror. 15/16 in. (24mm) diameter.

Rhodium-coated to resist scratching, front surface mirrors provide sharp and distortion free images with a smooth finish for patient comfort.


  • Rhodium coating to resist scratching
  • Front surface for sharp, distortion free images
  • Smoothly finished for patient comfort

Front surface reflection provides a sharp, distortion-free image

• High quality stainless steel ensures durability and corrosion resistance

• Double-sided version allows clinicians the ability to maintain indirect vision and illumination while comfortably retracting the patient’s cheek and tongue

• Unique retractor shank and thin profile enhance patient comfort

• Smooth and sleek design allows for efficient cleaning and care

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