Hahnenkratt SE Plus Mouth Mirrors #8 Cone Socket

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Hahnenkratt SE Plus Mouth Mirrors #8 Cone Socket

Hahnenkratt SE plus Mouth Mirrors are german quality stainless steel mirrors

Since oral mirrors are disinfected and sterilized several times a day in practice, the high quality - in every detail - is crucial in these extreme conditions

Key Specification:

SEflex mouth mirrors are available with a mirror that is coated with silver on the rear surface like SEplus 


Best reflection and image Quality

The SEplus reflection layer with its fivefold pure silver coating guarantees an extreme high reflection.
The result is a bright and most brilliant reflection in natural colours. Thus the SEplus provides a high sight comfort.

Best Stability against Corrosion

According to our experience of over 50 years, the stainless steel is stable against corrosion.It complies with ISO 7153-1 (Surgical Instruments –Metallic materials).

Best resistance against disinfection and sterilisation

The silver coating is protected by a combination of layers, mainly made out of copper and titanium, which was developed by our company. Additionally the mirror is sealed with a special protective film. This unique combination ensures the extreme long life of SE plus mouth mirrors.

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