Hahnenkratt Topvision Front Surface mirror Simple Stem (12/Box) #4

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Buy 4 boxes and get 1 box Free!

The TOPvision FS is the alternative to the TOPvision FS Rhodium. Rhodium is even more expensive than gold. In order to offer a more favourable front surface mouth mirror, we developed a unique combination of reflection layers on the base of our decades-long experience.

Both mouth mirrors distinguish only in the way of reflection. Rhodium reflects colours with a »warmer« touch, the new FS-Combi coating with a »cooler« touch.

Images of exact sharpness and contrast up to the smallest detail, without any distortion Bright and brilliant reflection in natural colours thanks to an optimal reflection spectrum.

High sight comfort gentle to the eye and good for fatigue-proof working. Easy cleaning due to the anti-stick effect of the special HAHNENKRATT front surface coating Unlimited resistance against disinfection and sterilisation, even against acid containing refresh liquids.

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