Hahnenkratt TOPvision FS Rhodium Mouth Mirrors Simple Stem (12s/Box)

Size: TOPvision FS Rhodium Mouth Mirrors-Simple Stem # 2 (12/Box)
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Hahnenkratt TOPvision FS Rhodium Mouth Mirrors Simple Stem (12s/Box)

High Tech for High Quality: 

Superior reflection referring to sharpness, natural colours and lightness

Because of our developed and optimised ion-ray process, our HAHNENKRATT mouth mirrors achieve a superior reflection.

For decades the success of HAHNENKRATT mouth mirrors is based on the use of always advanced production techniques. In high vacuum equipments there is generated with a 2 x 10-6 mbar electron-ray- evaporating a complex structure of layers, whose reflecting layer consists of pure Rhodium. Rhodium is as Gold or Platinum a precious metal.

5 good reasons, why you should decide for our TOPvision mouth mirrors:

  • Superior reflection concerning sharpness and contrast up to the smallest detail, without any distortion
  • Natural colours and lightness for brilliant image quality with an optimal reflection spectrum of 90 % in comparison to silver
  • Highest view comfort
  • Simple cleaning due to the anti-stick-effect of the special HAHNENKRATT-Rhodium-coating
  • Absolutly resistent against all kind of disinfection and sterilisation.

Because of their superior reflection concerning sharpness, natural colours and lightness, our TOPvision mouth mirrors meet even highest requirements, as for example requested for micro surgery.

For micro surgery we are offering additionally our MEGAmicro in sizes of 3 mm, 5 mm and 3 x 6 mm.


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