Mayo Super Cut Surgical Scissor, Straight

Size: Mayo Super Cut Surgical Scissor-Straight-14 cm
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Mayo Super Cut Surgical Scissor, Straight

Beveled Blades, Blunt points

Super-Cut Scissors represent a truly remarkable advance in scissors technology. Using the finest surgical steel, the latest heat treating methods and master craftsmanship, the upper blade of the scissors is ground to a razor-sharp edge. This process creates scissors with an unprecedented smooth and effective cutting action.

Benefits of Super-Cut Scissors:

  • Cut through soft and fibrous tissue without effort.
  • Superb control permits precision in dissection.
  • Less hand fatigue for the surgeon and less trauma for the patient.
  • Retain sharpness longer than ordinary scissors.
  • Ring handles are black-coated for easy identification.
  • Fully autoclavable.
  • Backed by OrthoMed’s lifetime guarantee.
  • Not recommended for fiberglass or plaster splints.
  • One edge micro serrated, one edge honed to the sharpness of a knife
  • Blunt, thick tips
  • Stainless steel

Surgeons who use our Super-Cut Scissors are convinced of their superior performance and won’t do without them on their surgical trays.

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