Medesy Tweezer Barraquer-Katzin mm70 #1078

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Medesy Tweezer Barraquer-Katzin mm70 #1078

Laterals Tissue Forceps are used for grasping, holding and manipulating various types of tissues in multiple procedures. Having spring tension shanks that determine how far the instrument will open and the thickness of the tissue that can be held.

Some thumb tissue forceps have lesser tension and can only hold fine membranes or single layer tissue. Others have greater tension and can hold thick, heavy tissue.

Used to place small objects in the mouth and retrieve small objects from the mouth. The tweezers come in either locking or nonlocking types; the locking type has sides that lock together to prevent materials from being dropped.

The working ends come in a variety of styles such as straight, curved, serrated or smooth. LATERAL TEETH.

Laterals Used to facilitate grasping, manipulation, compression or joining of tissue and ligature. It typically has two main designs:

1) a self-retaining, scissors-like design with ring handles with the working end having a variety of blade designs, e.g., straight, angled, or curved with parallel grooves or serrations to provide grip; and

2) tweezers-like design (may be a micro/fine instrument) with two conjoined blade with serrated tips at the working end.

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