Oral Kare ShoPlaq Herbal Plaque Disclosing Toothpaste

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Oral Kare ShoPlaq Herbal Plaque Disclosing Toothpaste

Shoplaq Reveals Plaque left on teeth even after brushing. Plaque is colourless bacterial layer present on teeth it is difficult to evaluate its removal from teeth. Inability to remove Dental plaque from the teeth is the main cause of dental problems.

Benefits of Shoplaq:

REMOVES PLAQUE EFFICIENTLY- Once plaque is visible it’s easier to brush the teeth .

NATURAL TEETH WHITENING – As the plaque is cleaned daily formation of extrinsic stains and tartar formation reduces and helps to maintain naturally white clean teeth.

SLS FREE (non-foaming) - Shoplaq does not contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and is non-foamimg which causes irritation of the inner soft lining of the mouth. It can be used for people having dry mouth and mouth ulcers.

REINFORCES CORRECT BRUSHING HABITS – As plaque can be seen it is easier to remove it using correct brushing technique and most of the dental problems like bad breath, gum bleeding and decay of teeth can be prevented. ShoPlaq toothpaste can be used to inculcate correct brushing habit from a young age.

MOTIVATES TO BRUSH AT NIGHT – Brushing teeth at night is important as the bacterial activity increases during night. Any plaque that is missed while brushing and left over on teeth increases the chances of dental problems. Visualization of Plaque increases enthusiasm and compliance to brush at night

Plaque Disclosing Toothpaste

Shows Plaque while Brushing

Plaque is a sticky film of bacteria that continously forms on teeth. It attracts stains to stick on. It starts off as colourless, and by the time a yellow or brown deposit is seen the deposit of plaque has been there for a very long time. Kleen Teeth lets you see the plaque while it is still forming, letting you brush it away before it is too late.

The above picture is taken off a real person using the product. Note the plaque being stained pink. This is easily removed by brushing gently until the stains are cleared. By this time, plaque has been completely removed from the teeth.

Remember to brush all parts of the teeth. Check with tongue to see if there is any ‘sandy’ sections. If there are, those areas need more brushing attention. Plaq Away Diamond Brush is an excellent brush to use for this purpose.

 Suitable for:

  •    Education to inculcate good oral hygiene
  •    Children
  •    Dental hygienists
  •    Done teeth whitening, keeping the white
  •    Cleaner & Whiter teeth
  •    Tea/Coffee/ Smoking stain removal

Note: Staining agents, such as plaque disclosing toothpaste can stain clothes and such. Be mindful to use a dry brush and not spill the toothpaste onto cloth and similar surfaces.

ShoPlaq has fluoride as an active ingredient.

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