ORO Clean Plus Broad Spectrum Disinfectant, 5 Liters

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ORO Clean Plus Broad Spectrum Disinfectant, 5 Liters

ORO CLEAN Plus is a highly effective concentrate for the disinfection and cleaning of dental suction units, spittoon bowls, and amalgam separators. An efficient combination of disinfecting and cleaning agents successfully removes biofilm, prevents build-up, and ensures a smooth running of your suction unit. ORO CLEAN Plus is pleasantly fragranced with a fresh peppermint perfume. The product is non-foaming.

Scope of Application

  • For the disinfection and cleaning of suction units, spittoon bowls, and amalgam separators

Physical and chemical properties

Physical state: Clear, slightly viscous liquid

Colour: Yellow

Scent: Aromatic

pH-value: 10 - 12

Shelf Life: 36 months


Disinfect or clean the suction unit daily or as per local regulations. Rinse the suction unit thoroughly with water after surgical procedures and prior to disinfection. For disinfection, prepare 2 litres of working solution as per instructions on the front label. To measure the correct dosage, use lid as a measuring cup. Aspirate 1.5 litres of the working solution using the OROCLEAN Cup and pour the remaining 500 ml down the spittoon bowl. Leave to act for 30 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with water after disinfection.

Composition in 100 g

5 g benzalkonium chloride, anti-foaming agents, special surfactants 


 Effective Spectrum / Exposure Times

Bactericidal 2% in 30 min.
Yeasticidal 2% in 30 min.
Hepatitis B virus 2% in 30 min.
Hepatitis C virus 2% in 5 min.
HIV 2% in 30 min.

Complies with the DGHM standard methods, EN 1040, EN 1275 and RKI/DVV guidelines.

 Delivery Forms

Item Code ORO CLEAN  Plus
CH-816250 250 ml bottle
CH-071020 2 litre bottle with measuring cap
CH-071025 5 litre canister

Your Benefits

  • Long-term study 
    Thousands of dentists worldwide have been using this established formula for years for the disinfection and cleansing of their dental suction units, with complete satisfaction.
  • Non-foaming 
    The suction disinfectant contains anti-foaming agents to ensure smooth running of the aspirating unit.
  • Application concentration of 2% 
    2 litres of concentrate yields 100 litres of working solution.
  • Maximum cost-effectiveness 
    The disinfectant is available in 5-litre canisters to reduce waste and offer better value for money.
  • Simple application 
    The bottle cap contains volume markings for 10 ml, 20 ml, 30 ml, and 40 ml.
  • Biodegradable 
    The solution is biodegradable and does not negatively impact the ecosystem.
  • Complies with European standards

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