President Defense Mouthwash ( X8 Packs )

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President Defense Mouthwash ( X8 Packs )

President Defense Mouthwash 250ml emulsified to hexetidine guarantees a targeted antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory action in the affections of the oral cavity, caused by the presence of bacteria, which also causes annoying halitosis.

The effectiveness of the mouthwash is guaranteed by its particular emulsified formula (patented formula), which favors the creation of an active oily film to protect the oral cavity.

During the use of the product, an oily film, not easily removable by rinsing with water, forms on the whole oral cavity.

The presence in a single preparation of two antibacterial substances, such as Hetididine, soluble in the oil phase and Cetylpyridinium Chloride, soluble in the aqueous phase, enhances their individual biological properties by synergy,

It contians: Hexetidine and Cetylpyridinium Chloride in sinergy makes this mouthwash suitable for patients suffering from halitosis or useful as an unkeep after massive-dose Chlorexidine treatments.

Sodium fluoride as anticaries agent Propolis and Thyme assanitizing extracts complete the action of the product. Alcohol Free

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