President Defense Toothpaste ( X8 Packs )

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President Defense Toothpaste ( X8 Packs )

A patented formulation in which micro dispersed oily complexes in emulsified form are present in a suitable dosage.

The introduction of a lipophilic phase in the traditional composition of a toothpaste determines during use the formation in the mouth of an oily veil and adherent to the dentinal and gingival tissues.

The presence of bacteria in the oral cavity can cause gum inflammation and promote the formation of halitosis.

Esetidine emulsified toothpaste (0.1%) carries out an anti-plaque activity, reducing inflammation of the gum mucous membranes and bacterial proliferation that causes periodontitis, ulcerative stomatitis and halitosis of the oro-pharyngeal cavity.

Cetylpyridinium chloride is active against bacteria, while propolis and thyme extracts supplement the sanitizing activity of the preparation.

It is recommended for use in patients with halitosis problems or as maintenance after the chlorhexidine shock treatment.

It contains: Hexetidine and Cetylpyridinium Chloride as antibacterial substances Sodium Fluoride guarantees an anticaries action Zinc citrate as plaque removal and tartar control.

Propolis and Thyme antimicrobial and purifying.

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