Respokare Surgical N95 Respirator with Active Anti-Viral Protection, 30pcs/Box

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Anti-viral Layer – Biotechnology

The Anti-viral layer is a rayon material treated with active functional groups that mimic sialic acid found on the surface of human cells.

Viruses trapped in this layer are exposed to small but highly localized concentrations of copper and zinc ions which destroy the viruses through interaction with the viruses’ proteins, RNA or DNA.


RespoKare N95 Respirator Plus is laboratory tested and US FDA cleared. It inactivates 99.99% of the following influenza viruses within 5 minutes when in contact with the outer layer of the mask. This is a 4-log reduction, which is a 10,000-fold improvement over ordinary masks.

Effective & Safe

• The outer layer coating does not restrict airflow and allows easy breathing.
• To assure safety, the anti-viral coatings are formulated from a combination of commonly used food additives recognized as safe by both the US and EU regulatory agencies.

Built of high quality, soft materials to ensure comfort during periods of long wear. Plus, water resistant for a final

layer of protection.


Effectively traps fine particles that make their way through the first two layers.

Copper and zinc ions within this layer cause structural rearrangement in the proteins, nucleic acids and lipids; inactivating and destroying pathogens and viruses within minutes. No infectious viruses will remain on the mask's surface.

Traps contaminated droplets using a special hydrophilic plastic that increases the permeation of liquids. Virus laden droplets are rapidly absorbed into this layer instead of remaining on the surface of the mask. An acidic coating creates a low pH environment - ultimately destabilizing the virus proteins.

Available Packaging

Institutional Pack
• 30 masks per box
• Not individually wrapped
• Dispenser tab on box top
• Dimensions: 285 x 140 x 105 mm (w/h/d)

• Small size
• 133 mm

• Medium size
• 146 mm

• Large size
• 175 mm


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