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Single use Disposable Protective Microrporus Coverall, 55gsm, White in color, 1pc/bag, 25bags/Case

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Single use Disposable Protective Microroporus Coverall, 55gsm, White in color, 1pc/bag, 25bags/Case

  • Type5/6
  • Each coverall has front zip closure which makes it easy to put a coverall on and take it off.
  • Zipper at the front opening covered by adhesive flap.
  • Comfortable loose fit does not hamper movements
  • Good Breathability: SMS non-woven fabric, lightweight, one-way breathability, can quickly emit internal heat.
  • Disposable Design: Disposable coveralls provide cost efficient and avoid the risks of contamination.
  • Discard them into a closed bin and wash your hands properly.
  • Do not try to use them again.
  • Effective Isolation: It covers your body and clothing, creating a physical barrier to hazardous liquids (splashes) and dry particles (like dust and dirt). Avoid direct contact.
  • Common Use: Non-woven fabric coveralls are intended to provide health care staffs with suitable protection.
  • Ideal for workshops, construction sites, public services and more.