Sterile Basic Dressing Set (30sets/case)

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Sterile Basic Dressing Set

- Sterilized by Ethylene Oxide (EO gas)
- Single use in blister pack and ready-to-use
- Consists of 1 sterile field, 5 cotton balls, 1 towel, 3 forceps, 5 gauze swab 7.5 x 7.5cm, 1 surgical drape, 1 waste bag and 1 tray

1pc- Tray (white)                                                                   

3pcs- 13cm Forceps ( two blue, one yellow);             

1pc-  Sterile Field, white Color, 45x45cm;                                       

5pcs- Cotton balls ( 0.5g, white );                                                    

5pcs- Gauze; swabs(19x15mesh,7.5x7.5cm,8-Ply);.                     

1pc- PE+paper (45x45cm, blue);.                                 

1pc- Hand towel(23x23cm);.                                           

1pc- Limpet Bag(21x32cm).

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