Surround Toothbrush for Adult/Kids (For Special Needs Patients)

Title: Surround Toothbrush for Adult
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Surround Toothbrush for Adult/Kids (For Special Needs Patients)

  • 3-bristle pads at different angles clean all surfaces of the teeth at once, saving time and making easier work of necessary dental care.
  • A perfect choice for anyone who wants a thorough brushing for healthy teeth; ideal for parents and professionals who provide oral hygiene to people with autism or other special needs.
  • Entire head and handle are covered with a non-slip cushion grip, and the handle is longer to keep fingers safe.
  • Has soft end-rounded real bristles and heart-shaped compact head. Comes with a reusable cover.

The unique Surround Toothbrush has 3 rows of bristles that surround the teeth to clean front, back and biting surfaces all at the same time. This means that more tooth surface can be cleaned in the time that a caregiver is allotted, especially when the degree of cooperation is limited.

The soft, end-rounded bristles and smooth, heart-shaped, compact head make brushing safe and comfortable. The improved Surround Toothbrush is easier to grip, and helps protect the oral tissues if the person moves unexpectedly during brushing.

The brush head and neck have been re-designed to make brushing safer, even for those who have a tendency to bite down on the toothbrush.

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