Wall mounted Automatic Hand Sanitizer Holder

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  • Fully automatic soap dispenser induction to avoid contact with caused by the spread of germs. Top atomization effect ---- can effectively kill a variety of bacteria.
  • Automatic power-saving chip is more energy-saving, environmental protection, economic use of the cost. More user-friendly design easy to install and simple to use and long life.
  • Voice promptsif there are objects in the sense below, it sounds to give warning Super-long battery life, support for DC power supply
  • Battery margin reminder, the yellow light flashing expressed the need to replace the battery * Soap to add reminders, red light flashes expressed the need for replacement of liquid soap Particularly applicable to airports, terminals, convention centers, hotels, hotels, clubs, recreation centers, buildings, hospitals, schools and other public places.

Foam Soap Dispenser Liquid Soap Dispenser

Type:Automatic Soap Dispenser

Title :Sensor Soap Dispenser


dimension:L145*W207*H108 Drop


Battery:4pcs of 1.5V "AA"

Type:Wall-hung Sensor

Range:0~15cm adjustable Low Battery


Plastic Material:ABS Working

Current:120mA Environment temperature 0-45ºC



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