Winner Disposable Waterproof Sterile Surgical Gown, 50gsm (1pc/pack)

Size: Winner Sterile Surgical Gown 50gsm with treatments-Large
Sale price $8.00


These disposable gowns offer protection from contaminants or fluids and can be used in surgical environments to reduce the chance of cross infection. The gowns are made using a soft non-woven fabric that is breathable for enhanced comfort.

Made using non-woven fabric, these gowns are soft and liquid repellent as well as liquid absorbent. These gowns are designed for single use only and can be disposed easily, when contaminated. Comfortable to wear, it features an O-shape neck and elastic cuffs that allow ease of mobility without causing discomfort. They have long sleeves with elastic cuffs, that can help maintain a sterile barrier between contaminated environments and the wearer’s clothes or exposed arms. 

Disposal-One time use material i.e. after using it once you can easily dispose it.

Disposable Reinforced Surgical Gown is especially designed for the medical personnel using in operation.

The Disposable Surgical Gown is made from a durable, poly-reinforced, low linting material for optimal performance. Extra long length and knit cuffs make the Impervious Surgical Gown ideal for emergency rooms, trauma centers, burn units, and critical care units.

The gown is secured at the neck with hook and loop closure tabs for easy on and off use.


  • Light weight for maximum comfort
  • High barrier performance
  • Good strength characteristics
  • Highly breathable to enhance comfort
  • Low linting
  • With Reinforced zone in front and sleeves


The product is a sterile protective gown with overlapping back. It is with antistatic treatment designed for various medical uses. It is non-adherent, non-allergenic to human.

  • Made using soft non-woven fabric
  • Designed for single use
  • Disposable
  • Universal fit
  • 50 gsm fabric
  • Breathable for enhanced comfort
  • Has an O-shape neck and elastic cuffs
  • Long sleeves for added protection
  • Liquid repellent and absorbent
  • Lightweight

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