Winner Sterile Gauze Swab, 7.5cm x 7.5cm 32ply (10/pack, 10packs/bag)

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Sterile gauze swabs is designed for general wound treatment, especially suitable in primary treatment of dirty, infected and highly exudative wounds; as swabs and dressings in minor surgery in the outpatient department and on the ward. Available in a number of size,mesh & ply.

  • Highly Absorbent
  • Use for packing open wounds
  • Seamless finish


High absorbency, super softness and patient comfort.

Clean, fibre-free opening of packs ensures the safe presentation of sterile products.

The easy-open envelope is carefully sealed to prevent contamination and help gauze swabs aseptic presentation prior to use.


Usually 1’s or 2’s is packed in peel pouch(one side of paper is coated with medical adhesive and another side of paper is laminated with PE film). The purpose of the special design is to reduce fiber or tear when open.

Usually 5’s or 10’s or 20’s is packed in blister packaging. This kind of sterile packaging can be sterilized by Steam, EO or Gamma. It prevents the products from contamination and helps gauze swabs aseptic presentation prior to use.

Made out of 100% cotton Gauze Fabric

Plain & X-Ray Detectable

Highly Absorbent

Sizes : 5cmx5cm, 7.5cmx7.5cm & 10cmx10cm

Ply : 8, 12, 16 & 32

Available in EO or Gamma Sterile Packs

Available in Non-Sterile Bulk Packs of 100's

Hydrogen Peroxide Bleached

Conforming to BP Type 17


Elementa Plain Gauze is made from 100% cotton and is ideal for use in skin cleansing, wound debridement and as a component in dressing packs. Available as single or double wrapped, Non-Sterile bulk packed, Variety of sterile pack sizes, 2, 5, 10, 25, White, green and blue gauze, Choice of sizes, Choice of ply's. Mainly for Ward and Clinic use

Patient Safety & Risk Management

Vernacare has over forty years history in the manufacture and distribution of gauze and non-woven swabs. As one of the market leaders in the UK and several international countries, we remain at the forefront of innovation and technical expertise.

With patient safety and risk management in mind, all gauze and swabs are manufactured to Vernacarecare specifications, BP, and meet European Standard EN 14079.

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